DESIGN (/dəˈzīn/) :  The act of creation. Others may implement the design but the creativity, the uniquely human abstraction of thought, is the origin of all designs.

Designing is the creation of a whole from parts. Whether a design is destined for a 3D printer, a laser cutter, a plasma cutter or simply as a graphic on a webpage, this focus will help a student acquire the skills and thinking necessary to transform abstract concepts into concrete applications. 

Sacramento Makers Academy facilitates design in 2D and 3D space. These designs may be artistic or functional and often accompany tools at Hackerlab. Design classes also address video editing and audio editing for youTube and other commercial applications. 

Classes are offered daily.

Mon – Tues 8:30am to 12  and  12:30pm to 2:30

Wed – Thur 12:30pm to 2:30.

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2D design for machining

The creation of DXF files for CNC’s requires attention to detail and an understanding of the associated tool. The software for this application is Fusion 360 and the associated tools are the vinyl cutter, laser cutter, plasma cutter, and shopBot.

2D design for graphics

The creation of graphics, logos, animations and the like are covered in this application of DESIGN. The relevant software is Adobe Illustrator.

Content Creation

Student’s learning content creation focus on gathering footage, editing raw – footage and and creating and editing audio. Video editing is directed largely to student run youTube channels but has other applications as well.

3D Models

3D modelling is used primarily for video game asset creation and virtual reality. The relevant software is Maya and the associated tools are the shopBot and 3D printers.