CODE (/kōd/) : The act of making things that can interact with the world via 1’s and 0’s. Programming is the application of Mathematics and Logic.

Sacramento Makers Academy focuses on video game design and associated problem solving.  These games range from simple text based games to games created in Unreal Engine 4.

Students can and should sign up for more than one class at a time. All languages are available during all sessions.  Languages and programming environments we work with are listed and described below.

Classes are offered daily.

Mon – Tues 8:30am to 12  and  12:30pm to 2:30

Wed – Thur 8:30am to 12 and  12:30pm to 2:30.

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Screeps is a game that uses JAVAScript to direct cute little creeps to do the overlords bidding. All actions in the game are controlled by code and errors can mean GAME OVER.


Python is a language that is used in many areas. Mostly it is used for backend problem solving or in house solutions to computations or data management. It is a versatile language.


Java is used to create APPs for the Android store.

Unreal Engine/VR

Unreal Engine 4 is an industry leader in high end game development. We use it to create virtual reality environments and games. The underlying language is C++ but there is a visual scripting component which allows for easier entry into complex graphics and physics.