Look through our catalog for courses you are interested in. The classes change roughly every eight weeks and we change what classes we offer based on your feedback so join our mailing list or enroll. We serve student ages 10-18.


Video and Audio: Digital Music and Editing

Create digital music for use in video games and videos. This class uses premiere as well as other audio programs in order to produce digital audio assets. Focus on music stuff that I am not qualified to write.


Video and Audio: YouTube Channel

Learn the steps to set up a youTube channel (parent permission of course) and fill it with higher quality videos than you would have without this course. This class covers simple graphics, editing techniques and timing of video production.


Video and Audio: Photoshop

Create custom graphics and modify existing assets for use in websites, videos etc.


Shop: DnD Props and Painting

Paint miniatures, design map tiles and props for those maps. Class has a $50 material fee.


Shop: Arcade Cabinet

Fabricate a arcade game cabinet and wire up the joysticks and buttons. This class has an additional lab fee of $300 if you wish to take your cabinet home.


Shop: Cosplay

Make props from foam/cardboard leather, wood and other materials using CNC Laser and CNC router as well has hand made techniques.


Programming: UE4 Hack and Slash

Learn to create AI enemies, customize attacks and mechanics, and create level layouts in Unreal Engine. This class addresses basic model making but focuses primarily on use of Unreal Engine 4.


Programming: UE4 Online Multiplayer FPS

Rek your noob friends in a FPS of your own making. Add cheats that only you know about. Make secret rooms and generally abuse the fact that you made it and they did not.


Programming: UE4 Arcade Style Game

Learn to detect collisions, control movement and create custom sprites and sprite sheets that are used in Unreal Engine to make a simple arcade style game.


Programming: AI in Python

This class to be done well will require large amount of work at home as well as in class. The platform for all of the games is provided to the students.


Programming: Tick Based Game Making

This class covers both front end and back end setup of a simple tick based game. Languages covered: HTML5, javaScript, CSS, and SQL.


Programming: Arduino Arcade

Make the code, case and controller for a simple game. An example project is the dinosaur runner game from google when you don’t have internet.



This class covers basic input and then handles maps, combat, characters etc. Build a story or allow players to explore a random sandbox. This is a great beginning course in code. The class covers classes functions and variables and engages a varied level of initial coding skill.


3D: Props and Characters

Use Maya to create 3D models for use in video games, cinematics, youTube videos and 3D printers. This class focuses on the creation of props and characters and is centered around a class selected theme.


3D: 3D to SPEC

Use fusion 360 to design parts to exact specifications for the 3D printer. Compare to Maya for accuracy.


3D: Texturing and Finishing

This class covers the process of converting a boring grey model into a game ready asset with all the colors textures and general aesthetic goodness that one expects in a game. Though this class does not require 3D modeling it is generally preferable.


Writing: Make your Own RPG

his class requires a large amount of writing and benefits from but does not require the DnD prop making class.


Writing: Drama

This class covers writing convention for drama as well as story arch character development etc. The course is intended to act as a starting point for continued creative outlets in creative writing and drama. No video production or performance in included in this class.

short story

Writing: Short Story

This class covers the development of a short story and incorporates a cycle of writing and revision. Recommended short stories are provided for inspiration.


Writing: Character Development

All stories are worlds and all worlds are populated. The class focuses on deep character development. These skills can be used for general creative writing, role playing games, and video games.


Writing: Choose your own Adventure

Write a choose your own adventure story and then publish it to the Android play store. This is not a programming class.


Electronics: Escape Room Puzzles

Learn the basics of electrical tinkering. Make a puzzle and demonstrate knowledge in electronics, soldering, programming, fabrication and creativity.


Electronics: Exploratory Tinkering

This class gives students an opportunity to take electronics apart and then either salvage components or attempt to reassemble it. A very rudimentary introduction to electronics is given.


Shop: Giant JENGA

This class covers the basics of fabrication including design, measurement, cutting and finishing. Students will leave the class with their project and it is possible to finish more than one project in the course.


Shop: Molding and Casting

This class covers the process by which an original is duplicated. It does not cover the creation of the original. Other classes like 3D modeling and shop classes would address this. Example projects from this class include a large concrete chess set, medium sized figurines, cosplay weapons and armor and much more.


Shop: NEON signs

Learn to use the tools to make simple neon signs.


Shop: Jewelry

Learn to work with metals and stones to create custom jewelry. Precise soldering setting and shaping are all covered in this basic intro to jewelry design.


Shop: Go Kart

Learn to weld and assemble a go kart. Set up the drive train, driver wheel etc. After finishing this class you are eligible to take advanced course in which you build a go kart that you will keep. There is a material fee for the advanced course.